Would you have a few minutes and do me a favour, could you?

Take a few moments and either (1) write a short email or (2) tweet (or do both:) to:

  • The Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker and
  • The Attorney General of Massachusetts Ms Maura Healey
    • to consider the request made by the parents of Pádraig Schaler in the open letter of 22 June 2015 to them, to establish an independent investigation into the accident on Route 6A in Brewster, MA, on 27 June 2013, that left their son and your friend Pádraig in a minimally conscious state. Here is the link to the letter: https://padraigschaler.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/ol-mass-150622.pdf

Here are their contact details:

  • The Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker
    • Twitter
      • @MassGov
      • @CharlieBakerMA
    • Email
      • Could not find an email address, just a form to fill in: http://www.mass.gov/governor/constituent-services/contact-governor-office/
  • The Attorney General of Massachusetts Ms Maura Healey
    • Twitter
      • @MassAGO
    • Email
      • ago@state.ma.us

imagesOnce you have done this, please take another moment and ask you families and friends to do the same – may be we can create a snowball effect right in the middle of the summer!

Look at it as an experiment:

  • How many people will we get to send them a note? – 20? 30?
  • How many countries will these emails/tweet come from? – 5? 10?
  • … by next Saturday – the second anniversary of his accident.

I think the more of us write to them the more likely it is that they’ll take notice.

Let’s make it viral.

From a very different sphere: It’s amazing how everything slows down and the ‘important’ stuff retreats into nothingness when you close the door, sit beside Pádraig, hold his hand, talk a little or just sense a silent but very strong connection. No need to take a course in meditation or mindfulness. It’s all there. There is a huge energy in the room, not the kind of busy energy, but a kind of re-assuring, centre-ing one. It is hugely rewarding to spend that time with Pádraig. I hope he feels that too.

And all along, we keep building dreamboats: trips to Alaska (remember Alaska?) or just down to Tating (we discovered there are wheelchair you can push into the sea) or to Drumdarkin (in the middle of nowhere, literally).

Today’s German Music Tip
Fard, Reich und Schön. Don’t get turned off by the name of the singer… This is a really good German rapper song. Rapper are the new Neue Deutsche Welle, only that the background of most German rappers is not German.
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