You probably have had this feeling at one time or another, that you were doing something that was just a waste of time. Something at work when you were told to do something to ‘tick the boxes’, or at home when no-one appreciated that special effort you had made. There are many examples you could think of that demonstrate how valuable resources are being wasted, I am sure.

Pádraig continues with eating and drinking, all things that were completely of out the question.

A friend of Pádraig’s from way back in Beaumont, whom I visited yesterday (her daughter is now in Blanchardstown) shared this card with me that, I believe, is soooo relevant to our situation.

IMG_1207When you read it, it sounds ridiculous. But then – it requires very little adaptation to hear the voices of the government officials that told us and other parents to give in, to give up, to leave our loved ones in nursing homes, and to start looking after ourselves.

Today’s German Music Tip
Die Fantastischen Vier – Die Da!?! Ist das deutscher Punk?!
What’s hot
Essen und Trinken
What’s cold
Wasting time, stuff, effort…
The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Für nichts und wiedernichts