150612 ShirtsYesterday, a package arrived with loads of t-shirts and shorts for the summer, especially tailored for Pádraig. There are friends of us who are in the clothing business (I think) and they had this idea to adapt really nice clothes for Pádraig by cutting them open at the back or the side and then adding velcro – that way, we don’t have to pull t-shirts, for example, over Pádraig’s head. It was so nice to receive that package, together with a lovely card! – It would be worth patenting the idea!!!

Sitting in Bremen Airport waiting for the delayed flight to Dublin. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been out much recently but I find this purpose-built Ryanair Terminal almost overwhelming. Getting in was the first challenge.

People were pushing as if it was a matter of life or death. One mother with a go-cart overtook everybody as did a girl who said her knee was hurting. Half an hour later, when I had made it through the checkpoint, both of them were browsing the perfume section of the shop. This time, the lady asking whether I had toothpaste (I had not) or liquids (I had not) in my bags or a laptop (had already taken that out), also asked me to take out all paper from my pockets. When I did, she wanted to pull it off me and, instinctively, I didn’t let go – after all, it was my wallet. There was a moment of tension until she put another, smaller box on the wallet and said, here you go!

Pádraig hated those ‘incidents’, always telling me to let go of my idiotic, embarrassing  behaviour, what difference did it make anyways, there were more important things in life to worry about than people just doing their (horrible) jobs. The funny thing is that I never changed anything nor did I achieve anything with my tendency to insist in all this unimportant stuff (other than to get on people’s nerves) whereas he had flight assistants offering him better seats or a second meal. He also could never be bothered to cue up for hours to get onto the plane first – why would you? We were just too nervous, too competitive, too afraid not to get the ‘right’ seats…

I spent this morning with Padraig, washing his hair, helping him to drink a glass of the nice-tasting calcium drink he usually gets through his PEG. While I was doing it, I realised again how much Pádraig is able to do, how proud he is of what he can do, how important it is to do all these things with him, to really connect with him all the time, encouraging and supporting him with all he can do, from eating to moving to communicating. I also realised again that carers cannot do this. So,…

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Mundstuhl, Live. No music but Comedy. German Comedy. It’s what you call an oxymoron (I had to look that up).
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