I wish I could be there with you in Smithfield tonight, with Pádraig, enjoying the friendship, the laughs, the music. And neither myself nor Pádraig would mind having a pint (and himself making sure we wouldn’t be sitting too close to each other:).

There will be a night, and then many to follow.

Pádraig keeps going. When I think just a few weeks back and look at what he is doing these days, it’s truly remarkable. We went for a walk today, down the road to the the park. It seems that them famous German engineers weren’t interested in constructing footpaths. Proper footpaths without potholes. For Pádraig going down this road to the park is like a roller-coaster. Each time we walk that way, he is getting better in controlling his body. Visibly.

I checked out two websites today. They turned out to be offered by the same company but offer an amazing variety of good food for people with different kinds of handicaps.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 08.06.30

(with thanks to a good friend who passed on the link!)

Biozoon is a German company based in Bremerhaven. It was founded just nine years ago and had tremendous success with their first product. It’s now based in a 600m2 facility and also just opened a second factory in the south of Germany to provide a better service to the southern folk.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 08.11.22

There is such a range of topics in which to become an expert, it’s amazing.

An Saol definitely needs good music, but also a restaurant and the best food we can get for everybody living, working, and being there. Right?

Today’s German Music Tip
Duo Ohrenschmaus, Geht en Mann durch de Wald.
You’ll need a bit more than 15 minutes to watch this. But this is worth it. This is so absurd it’s unreal. Imagine a show like this in any other country. Impossible.
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The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Schirri (think: FIFA)