Pádraig’s physio tried out the therapy table with Pádraig today. There is a bit of setting up time required but once the transfer was done he really enjoyed it. There is so much more space on that table than in the bed and, in addition, it’s a bit harder, providing more support and body feeling. One nice aspect of this was that his therapist was focusing completely on what he was doing and not on the time at all.

Guess what this is: a hotel for insects! Only in Germany...

Guess what this is: a hotel for insects! Only in Germany…

Later on in the morning, Pádraig, apparently, had encouraged his carer to read him out of an English book a friend had sent him but then changed his mind and ‘told’ him to read out of a German book for him. They both were delighted: the carer because he did something Pádraig had asked him to do (using his tongue), and Pádraig because the carer had entertained him a bit.

It made me think that we should try and play audio books for Pádraig. And, as it happens, one of his four friends visiting him yesterday and today had brought an audio book for him! So, we’ll try out how he’ll like that. They had also brought a brand new guidebook for Pádraig: a guide book to Alaska! No question, we’ll have to go there now!! And before the guidebook gets dated!

Today was the hottest day of the year: 30oC. It was the first time we could really take advantage of the terrace and sit outside in the sun. We also went for a long walk to the park with Pádraig’s friends taking care of him and the wheelchair which was really nice!

These were great days, yesterday and today, for Pádraig: being with his friends, listening to the chat, being with them.

There’s a full moon rising. The same that lit up the sky in Dublin earlier this week on an amazingly clear sky over our back garden – waiting to be transformed for Pádraig.