Trying to catch up. Always behind. Never on top. i close my eye. I hear noises. I hear voices. I feel that I am somewhere but am not. That I should be doing something. That the space where I am is not where I am.

Dublin is his city. This is his home.

Having read Philip’s book and seen that Bladerunner is one of his favourite films I watched parts of it again. The replicants live 4 years and are afraid of dying. So they are trying out everything they can to prolong their lives. I don’t remember how the film ends.

We wonder whether Pádraig might have a cold. How can you tell? How can he? Tell.

Pádraig is now also getting OT a few hours a week. The therapist has lots of experience and already seems to have established the beginnings of a connection with Pádraig. She is amazed that Pádraig never had the kind of therapy she is offering him. So are we. And so, I am sure, is Pádraig!

Full day tomorrow. Working my way down a long list.