Still not back to ‘normal’, still not on top of things. Still on that train.

Another of our new friends from that journey rang today. It’s a lady who can only move in a wheelchair and lives in a home from where she dials the numbers on her phone using a stick in her mouth when she wants to talk to some of her friends. She rang to say how much she had enjoyed the journey and especially Pádraig’s company, and how much he had inspired her.

I listened back to Joe and the interview on Lifeline of last week. It was quite incredible when one of Joe’s researchers rang me when we were on that train somewhere in the South of Germany, and when Joe then rang a couple of hours later when we were about to cross into Switzerland, talking about Pádraig, and, in one of his moments of sheer brilliance, talked to Pádraig directly.

Pádraig and I listened back to the programme together today, as Joe had suggested, to the podcast on RTÉ’s website, and Pádraig got visibly involved. It was the first time that someone on the radio talked, not about him, but to him, directly, as a friend, speaking for so many people in Ireland who have Pádraig in their thoughts and in their prayers.

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We also listened to the podcast of Lifeline from the following day when Brendan, Robert’s father who had also suffered a brain injury some years ago, was talking about his son and their fight to secure treatment for him. When Brendan described what Robert was capable of doing, moving his right foot and his left foot and so on, Pádraig was mirroring Robert’s movements as if to say: that sounds like myself!