Traveling by car for nearly three hours, going on a 28-hour train journey, sleeping on a 1.8m long bench in the train, traveling on a train for 28 hours, staying in his wheelchair for 8 hours, getting up at six o’clock in the morning and going to bed at 9pm, having lunch and dinner with 50 other people, many in wheelchairs, being out for hours on end, going on a bus on an excursion to the Pyrénées, joining 10s of thousands of people in processions, sitting in the first row of two-hour long masses, sleeping through the night while being looked after by people other than us, having a big shower-bath, having a bit of a beer, … – and the list goes on with things none of us knew Pádraig was capable of doing. But, of course, he was.

In a way, these were all miracles: things that are really not part of what we perceive as being possible. But they all happened within just one week. Sure, if you’re a dreamboater…

But there is even more.

What Pádraig managed to do over the past week inspired dozens of people who were in Lourdes with him. From the doctors to the helpers to the other sick people, they all said how they admired Pádraig for managing to go this journey.

Two of the people who spent most of their time looking after Pádragi got in touch today by phone and email to wish Pádraig a Happy Birthday. Pádraig’s carer here in Hamburg brought homemade Iscream, and many of his family and friends sent lovely presents and birthday greetings!

At Pádraig’s last birthday he could not even leave his room. Imagine, just imagine what he’ll be doing next year!

Breithlá shona duit, Pádraig!