Twitter went mad today with gazillions of tweets about that brilliant video and song, that went viral today on youtube and Pádraig, by the unmistakable Marcus Mac Conghail & IMLÉ. It’s based on the poem by Ciara but took a bit of a life on its own (just watch that marathon:). I love those hearts appearing out of nowhere and being painted in the sky by specially commissioned aeroplanes. It’s like ‘love comes to town’, only better.

It’s evening and, instead of watching the news, I’m sitting on a plane from Frankfurt back to Dublin, at 30,000ft, watching the clouds in the evening sun below me. This is one of those mad trips that, soon, I won’t be doing anymore. Last night I slept in Rot (near Heidelberg), tonight it’ll be Dublin, tomorrow Limerick, on the train the night after and then driving to catch another train, on the train on Thursday night again, and Lourdes (yes, Lourdes) from Friday night.

Being away from Pádraig from yesterday lunch time has been very strange. To see what’s going on in the rest of the world is almost as strange. Talking to people about all these things that have been so important to my (professional) life for decades is almost surreal. Some things I’ve been working on for a long time, are just now really taking off. At a time, when life has been changing as dramatically as it could.

Seeing Pádraig react to new things around him: music, the sound of birds, wind, sun, movement, driving, life – is incredible. Feeling the love that no words can describe, and I never knew existed as strong as it is does, the energy this love generates in so many people around the globe, all these mad things people are doing because they want to express their solidarity, because they are getting inspired by his fight for life, heart painted in the sky, poetry and song – is giving so many people a taste of what it means to be human, humane. It reduces all it touches to the essence of what life is, means and exposes the ‘noise’ that surrounds us to what is is: noise.

A few times I have tried to change the world, the people, trying to explain to them what is the right thing and what is the wrong thing to do. Looking back, I don’t think anybody really noticed. Ever. What happened to Pádraig has changed me. And it has had a bigger impact on more people, it has brought out the best in people in a way that is magic. So magic that it has already changed the world, in a small but significant and very real way for many.