imagesPádraig had a good day today, I’d say. Easy going morning and a long walk along a stream in the afternoon,  a small meal and into bed for the night. That’s how it was.

My mind is full of pictures, memories, plans, expectations, hurt, all mixed up, disoriented, out of sync, a bad headache and turned stomach. That’s how it feels.

I had always thought that a life has a beginning and an end. I am beginning to think that what’s happening here is that there are several lives all in one lifetime. I know my life is not my life anymore. Pádraig’s life definitely is not his life anymore. Yet, the world seems to be the same, we’re here, in the same world where we left our previous lives.

Pero yo ya no soy yo,
ni mi casa es ya mi casa.

We got a few of phone calls today: one from the team leader of the Lourdes train checking out a few details for the trip in just over three weeks time. Another from an Irish person in Hamburg who’ll be visiting us tomorrow. And a third one from someone we got to know in a hospital who’ll visit Pádraig and us as well. Busy times.

Busy times and a good day. In a different life.