It’s too late again to be writing. At least anything that would make sense. Work meetings most of the day, a long drive to Limerick and back, planning for the coming months. Or is it: for the months to come…

I’ll be getting a lift to the airport (busses will be on strike tomorrow) very early and be back in Hamburg for a second breakfast. It’ll be a bank holiday tomorrow in Germany. 1st of May is a day for demonstrations and speeches by workers’ union leaders.

It was really good to spend time with Pádraig’s sisters. We see each other far to little. All that will change later in the year.

Pádraig had a good an active day today, I heard. MOTOMed, Stehbett, physio- and stehbett. Tomorrow will be very quiet again with just one of the carers coming in the morning.

i’ll better go. It’ll be a short night.