When we started to plan for Pádraig’s care, it had always been one of our aims to remove the tubes that Pádraig has been connected to. Apart from sensors leading to all kinds of different monitors to which he was connected to until early January, there were the tracheostomy, the catheter, and the PEG. In January, the tracheostomy went.

Today, a urologist came to our apartment for about 5 minutes and removed the second tube. It all seemed to be so easy. But it was big. A big day. One to remember: 23.4. – the 23rd of April.

Pádraig is also working very hard to get on eating and drinking. There is still some time to go before he will be able to eat and drink enough to get rid of the tube, but I am convinced that this day will come. Soon.

Here is where lesson 8 will come in handy.

Lesson 8 in how to germanise yourself… I know, there was a bit of a break in the lessons, but I hope you haven’t forgotten 1-7. If you have, review lessons are readily available in earlier posts:)

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 08.50.46

Good night, 23.4.






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