There are a few things that I wanted to write about. Some revelations from the German health system the German magazine “Stern” reported about in late February. Or our preparations for going on the train, the special train, to Lourdes in May. The new St. Patrick’s Trail that the Irish Media reported on recently – because of the millions of euro it’s going to generate…

They’ll have to wait for another day.

Two of Pádraig’s friends are over for their now traditional St. Patrick’s Day visit. It’s really great how they keep their visits going and show Pádraig how much they care for him. It was a warm, sunny day today in Hamburg. Warm enough to explore our roof terrace and go for a walk on it, discovering it measured more than the 12 steps up and 12 steps down of the Schön-Klinik’s equivalent. But, at the same time, their visit, their stories from Dublin made me home sick, and I can just imagine what the visits meant for Pádraig. The visitors brought some recordings from a show his friend did with Pádraig on Raidio na Life years ago. Can’t wait to listen to the recordings with Pádraig.

One thing that is certain in life is that it will end one day, at least in the physical sense. But there are sensations, music, pictures, even smells that bring back memories, that bring back people to life. In a spiritual way, people that mean something to you, people that have influenced you, those who made you who and what you are, these people will never ever leave you. Whether they are with you in person or not, they are always right beside you, with you, all the way.

Today and tomorrow feel like in-between-days. The kind that let you drift away for a short time.

I’ll collect the girls tomorrow afternoon and drive with them to my sister’s house. We’ll be ready for the funeral on Friday morning. Pat will stay with Pádraig. What I wouldn’t do to have both of them travelling with us tomorrow.