I know, I know… but in Germany it’s not Mothers’ Day today. There are international days for almost anything and anybody, but Mothers’ Day still seem to be a national thing.

This morning on the Week-end on One, Cathal was playing all sorts of songs for Mothers – some were really good. Like “Mothers’ little helpers (what a drag it is getting old)” or “You fill up my census” (yes: that’s how he announced it:)

So to all of you mothers in Ireland: Happy Mothers’ Day! I hope you were pampered with breakfast in bed and brought out for dinner, with flowers and cards adorning the house!

For Pádraig, today was the last ‘medicine day’. Isn’t it amazing: just over two months ago, he was on a range of meds; you could only see him once you had put on a face mask, hair net, Schutzkittel (some kind of overall) and what not; he was on half a dozen of monitors beeping left, right and centre, with contacts glued to his chest; he had a tracheostomy that his doctor wanted to converted into a surgical, i.e. “permanent”, tracheostomy; we were not allowed to take him out for a walk.

“Lá Fhéile Pádraig” this year will be a great day, very different from that of the past two years. Can’t wait.