His first words greeting thousands of people who had waited to see him on this magnificent square, and probably millions watching world-wide on TV, were: buonasera, good evening.

UnknownThis morning, a German radio broadcast reported on today’s second anniversary of the inauguration of Pope Francis who, as they reported, has continued to annoy loads of people in the Vatican Curia, talking about spiritual Alzheimers, raising important but very controversial issues with the cardinals, focusing on the people who make up the catholic church, living a much simpler life than most Popes before him had, realising that he is a person with personal faults as everybody else (and why not).

Pádraig today did well. One thing we noticed in his overall condition is that he has got so much more relaxed since the same carers, and just two different ones, are coming in, since they have started to come at the same hours during the week, and since we’ve had long, relaxed weekends.

I went to visit my mother again today (an almost seven hours drive in total). She is as helpless as Pádraig nows. She is very, very weak, but comfortable. Leaving her in the evening almost broke my heart.

What if we all concentrated on the essential. Switched off the ads promising us better, cheaper deals for things we don’t need. Focused on people, on friends and families, not on things. What if we started to annoy the establishment, raising, like Francis does with the curia, important and controversial issues. What if we told them that we want a different kind of politics, a different kind of society, one that puts social responsibility, people responsibility, first, no matter what.

If we did we might all sleep better.