Pádraig’s new bed is something else. It’s so much more than a bed. He can lay in it, yes, but he can also sit in it and even stand. It’s really easy to use and, above all, it’s really long. I wanted to try it out today with Pádraig, to see how it would be for him to stand in it.

But I had got a phone call yesterday to say that my mother wasn’t well, so today I went down to see her and stay with her for a few hours. She really is not well and, in other circumstances, I would have staid with her. This time, that just was not possible.

I drove back to Hamburg, a trip of a little more than three hours, and I was listening to the noise of the wind and the other cars. My mind was wondering: what’s going to happen next? Is there anything left that could make life more difficult?

Can’t think tonight. Can’t write. Can’t even keep my eyes open. What’ll be next?