No man is an island. But some own one. And some would like to own one.

Pádraig had this idea that we could buy an island and declare it an independent island country. Off the west coast. We even made enquiries at some stage and were surprised how relatively affordable it is to buy your own island (as long as you keep it small).

imagesHe was going to print his own money. Issue his own passports. Design his own flag. Decide who could enter. We were discussing the advantages and disadvantage of being in charge of your own country. In a way this could have been perfect: we could have stopped wasting our energy trying to convince people who obviously don’t want to be convinced of all these “really obvious” things that are just wrong in politics, society, or the economy.

Sadly, we never found out how exactly you declare independence. On a small island. Off the west coast…

Today, Pádraig and I went back to the UKE for an outpatient appointment. My idea was that it would take a few hours. In the end, it took most of the day. It was almost funny to see how he did not fit onto a trolley and once he was on it, and the trolley was put into the car, the car’s doors didn’t close anymore. In the end, we made it to the UKE and back. Both really tired… Also decided that from this coming Monday, we will work with another care provider… Tomorrow will be the big day for Pádraig’s big new standing bed to arrive. Can’t wait!