Late morning, slow start, taking it easy.

Slow wash, getting to move hands, arms, legs, and feet. Stop. Talk. Listen to Saturday morning radio. Miriam Richardson. Never knew she hang out with Bosco. Shave, wash again, after shave, smell, feel the fresh air coming in, wake up, feel alive.

No carers on Saturdays, only for a quick visit in the evening.

imagesInstead, a lovely visit from the two Dublin friends who had arrived last night. It is really great to see how well they get on with Pádraig. There are lively conversations ‘as Gaeilge’ and the occasional question about how I’m getting on with my efforts to learn the lingo… It’s life, fun, banter… not imaginable in a hospital with gowns and face masks taking away individuality, making them look almost the same even to each other.

Listening to the News: girls saying they were going out to visit friends, instead went off to join IS. Everybody is surprised. The Maltese say the L.E. Aoife, offered by the Irish Marine Force to Malta as a present, say the ship is “junk”. Waterford has offered her a place in a new maritime museum. No surprises here. In German news: Der Spiegel reports that new helicopters ordered by the German Marine will not be able to fly above water. So much for German efficiency.

Time. No issue. You notice things when you move slowly.

Today’s German Music Tip
Mark Forster, Ich trink auf Dich mein Freund
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Saturday mornings, taking it easy
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