I remember thinking one day: what a day! Today was like that.

We have 16 boxes of ‘stuff’ for Pádraig in the hall: from cushions to food. All delivered yesterday by our friendly DHL guy. Today, there were longer visits and conversations from carers who wanted to talk. The “Sanitätshaus” came in and brought us our very own (on loan) MOTOMed, took away the ‘display model’ we had had so far, and brought along a specialist in custom made “gadgets” advising us on options with baths, wheelchairs, and lifters. The physio came in for an hour. So did the speech therapist. And I had a class at 12 noon. At three, one of the carers helped me to get Pádraig out of bed, into the wheelchair. I washed his hair, let him have a go at the MOTOMed Viva2 bike/leg AND the arm trainer! Then I made and gave him something to eat, cleaned his teeth and at 6h30, together with a carer, put him back into his bed.

I feel dizzy writing about this…

Pádraig is finding himself, I think. There is less movement in the apartment than there was, less people coming and going. (Thankfully, today was not a typical day:) It is still difficult for him to do what he is doing outside of the bed: “cycling”, eating, drinking, moving,… But he is managing much better than he used to. He is also sleeping (more or less) well during the night, with just a few interruptions. He and us are not there yet, but there is ‘movement’.

imagesThe DHL man came again today. With just one package this time. When he rung the bell I answered and told him to come up to the fifth floor. When he got there he said that yesterday, someone had just opened the downstairs door, but had never told him where to go. He had had to park the van on the other side of the road, had to take out all those boxes, some of them being so heavy that they broke, and then work his way up the hallway of the apartment building until he hit the last floor. At that point, he remembered, he was pretty annoyed. Please, he said, please teach your visitors, even if they never learned German in their lives, to say: 5. Stock, Aufzug!