UnknownI haven’t been out for a few days and I don’t feel the urge to do so. The day passes around people calling to the apartment: speech therapist, physio, carers, doctor, even the pharmacy delivers medication to the door. Between MOTOMed arm (!) and leg training, foot bath, eating, drinking, hair washing, the days pass in a flash. The nights pass between short spouts of sleep, listening to breathes, turning around every 3 hours or so, checking the pulse, oxygen, time regularly…

I’m waiting for Pat, I talked to Pádraig’s friends who have arrived in Hamburg, the first to visit Pádraig in the new place. And there is no “Besuchszeit”, there’s no-one checking who comes when and stays for how long. There’s no need to wear gowns, not at home. And not, because the GP’s tests came up with an all clear. Isn’t it amazing: you leave the “isolation” room and it seems that you leave the germs behind.

Tomorrow will be a good day: with friends visiting Pádraig, Pat back in the apartment, and Pádraig in the middle of it all!

PS: Today is “Weiberfastnacht” – I still can’t believe the non-stop “traditional” Karnevalsfeiern on the TV. It’s all marches, uniforms, and a very special sense of humour!