3.1bn euro in the bank. That is: 350 Irish people having hundreds of accounts in HSBC bank hiding billions of euro from the tax man in Switzerland. And: six police men arrest an elected member of the Irish parliament because he was involved in stopping the car of a minister during a protest against water charges.

One country where there ain’t enough money to open enough wards to cater for sick people. Another country where sick people are ‘traded’ between care providers and hospitals – especially those high dependency patients that need a lot of care over many hours and who bring in loads of cash. It like feeding on the misery and desperation of others.

At times, I am so furious, so mad, in such a state of awe at what is a world that does not make sense to me at all at all. What has happened to common sense, to justice, to humanity? Can we only find that with our family and friends?

When I think that we are almost expected to hand over Pádraig, our son, who is in the most vulnerable of vulnerable situations, to people who think “profit” first, that we are almost expected to do this because we are told that we need to continue with our own life too, because we need to look at our own physical and mental health – then, I feel shivers running down my spine.

Pádraig is getting better, he can understand us, he reacts, and – bit by bit – he is learning how to communicate. To interact with him, you need time, you need to be patient, and you need to be interested in Pádraig – and not so much in the money you can or could make or spend.

My guess is that this would be the case with almost all the other persons in his situation – but no-one, apart from their families and friends, is providing the support they need in the way they need it. Es ist zum Mäusemelken.