Today is the start of a new year. In a way.

imagesA good friend sent an email saying that it has always been a day of hope for him. A time when the days are getting longer and nature is starting its colour parade. He said that he wished us colour and light.

It is a time of hope, of colour and light. A time for a new start with energy and enthusiasm, away from Angst, uncertainty, unbearable nights and days, horror, unspeakable loss, desperation.

We’re going out for walks up and down the road. Into the local super market. We’re trying to figure out where and how to hire a car that would take a wheel chair. We’ve started to plan a 24-hour very special train journey in May to the south of France to stay a few days in a very special place.

There is a new dawn, the days getting longer, and we are living a new life!