“I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will kill you.” – quoted by thejournal.ie today as one of the most quoted lines from the movie Taken.

IMG_0188Going up.

We’re on the fifth floor and the views are great. There is lots of light, the ceilings are high, and all the rooms – well, there’re just three of them anyway – have doors out to the balcony. The walls are round, so we won’t even think about getting any furniture – it wouldn’t fit if we tried.

This morning I went to one of Pádraig’s new doctors (he has several of them now). After just a few minutes, we discovered that both of us had grown up on Dortmund (never mind if that doesn’t mean a thing to you:) and both of us couldn’t believe that there ain’t no steel factories, no coal mines, and no beer factories no more. We were instant friends and I have no doubt that he will look after Pádraig as if he were his own son.

About Pádraig.

This afternoon, Pat read out two stories. One was really sad and I haven’t see Pádraig so sad in a long long time. One was really funny and Pat said she hadn’t seen Pádraig smiling to much in a long long time.

albert-reynolds-death-3-548x500The funny story was about Ireland’s smoothest talkers. It started with Liam Neeson’s line already quoted, continued with Charles Haughey (the one from the recent RTE movie), Colin Farrell and Panti came next, and then, at number 5, guess who… well, you wouldn’t believe it, came Bertie Ahern, Ireland’s former Taoiseach. Pat was so surprised that she laughed out loud while reading the bit to Pádraig and showing him the picture of Bertie who is quoted as saying enlightening stuff such as “If hindsight were foresight, there wouldn’t be a problem”. (They should add the person who introduced the “Irish Passport Card” – an ID card that if it was called just that would not be accepted in Ireland.)

What was really significant was that Pádraig followed two quite complex stories for more than half an hour each and he was really moved by each of them – though in quite a different way.

Today, we also had a visit from Pádraig’s new speech therapist who will work with him three to four times a week, alongside the up to four hours physio he will be getting. We’re also expecting the arrival of his very own Viva la MOTOMed during the week, this time there’ll be an arm trainer included. The insurance company ok’ed today an extra long 2,30m standing bed which will take at least four weeks to be especially manufactured for him.

Yes, my head is spinning. Anybody’s head would. But it’s great and the way to go! Smooth…