imagesNever thought about it that way: Pádraig is the essential traveller, isn’t he? A truly sensational traveller!

And yesterday was his big home coming.

Today, we went out onto *his* roof terrace, to see, feel, smell the snow that was falling in Hamburg.

There will be two new dates in his calendar, forever. The day his tracheostomy came out on Wednesday, 07 January. And the day, above all, the day he left the hospital on Monday, 19 January. After – well, many many days.

He’ll move on. In the good company of his friends and his family.

Today, a doctor told me that taking out his tracheostomy had been taking a risk and that it worked. Sure, what else is life?

Still out of breath. Still trying to understand what happened over the past days. It is, really, sensational. Wouldn’t you agree?