The number of days Pádraig will have spent in hospital when he will be leaving the UKE tomorrow, if all goes according to plan.

This afternoon, I had this thought: did anyone order an ambulance to take him home? Probably quite a stupid thought, but it did occur to me…

I spent the afternoon trying to get the apartment set up for tomorrow. It’ll be fine, not perfect, but fine.

Pádraig is managing really well and, I think, better than I had thought without the tracheostomy. Hi oxygen is back up and his heart rate back down, very close to were it was before on good days. The thing is: if you’re not using a muscle it’ll disappear. I know that from running. It has to be the same with your trachea. With your tongue, and many more muscles we don’t even think about when we’re using them every day of our life.

That’s what Pádraig will have to do for the coming months:

imagesIt’ll be a really busy day. With loads of people calling in once he’ll have arrived, getting things going. It’ll be a real happy day. Unbelievable, really. It’s what we hoped for over such a long time.

I’m so tired. My back aches. Can’t wait to go to sleep. It’s hard to think or to write or to do anything meaningful.