No liquids. No food. All day.

Finally, it was his turn. His driver arrived and picked him up. Off they went at 15:20.

Just a few stitches.

And then nothing happened.

Even a few stitches take some time, especially when you get them under a general anaesthetics.

We should all be together celebrating our daughter’s birthday tonight.

The nurses’ desk hadn’t heard anything.

One hour, two hours, three hours, we got a bit nervous.

They told us, the operation had gone well and that he was in the wake-up room.

The wake-up room. Yes.

After four hours, they told us he was on his way back up to the ward.

The driver probably didn’t know the way and got lost. We got worried. Very.

At 20:03 both eventually arrived.

Back on the Sondenkost, with a bit of oxygen for the night, and a 30 degree elevated back for the night, to keep the head up, as the doctor ordered. Stitches will be removed in 10 days.

And a small, flat, white, innocent looking plaster on his neck.