Some, well: many, very many years ago, I decided to buy a CD with the movie Shrek in Germany. I thought it was so funny and entertaining that Pádraig and his sisters would like it so much that they wouldn’t mind that it was in German. It would be a great way for them to learn more German, in a fun way.

They were delighted.

Pádraig took the wrapper of, took out the CD, pushed it into the CD player connected to our telly, selected ‘English’ – and off they went having a great time, watching ‘Shrek’, laughing their heads off. Only that they movie was running in English. The tech guru that I am had not even thought about the possibility that CDs come in different language versions. Well, they do…

When I watched ‘Shrek’ in German (on my own:), I realised who badly translated all the nursery rhymes were. ‘Run, run, like the Gingerbread Man’, for example was translated literally, word by word. Good job, I thought, the kids had not watched it in German!

I had to think of that story yesterday, when Pat and I saw the German version of the Gingerbread Man, called ‘Stutenkerl’, with the typical pipe (the kind I had once used for my first smoking adventures).

Tonight, Pádraig’s big sister is with him. She’ll be there with him until Pat goes back tomorrow. Today was such a busy day that I can’t think clearly, my head aches, my eyes hurt.

Just before I switch off the light, a thought about the scandal ‘discovered’ at this home in Mayo. What I haven’t heard any commentator saying is that there was nothing to be ‘discovered’. Everybody working there, including the management, knew what was going on, and if they did not participate, they allowed it to continue. In the same way that everybody in the ‘system’ knows that long-term patients in hospitals and homes, patients with severe acquired brain injuries, people who cannot protest, get injured and suffer with dropped feet, dangerous bed sores, and injured shoulders. Everybody knows… “how the State treats the most vulnerable people” (RTÉ news at 9, tonight).

Today’s German Music Tip
Udo Lindenberg, Gegen die Strömung – As a song, it’s ok. As a title, it couldn’t be better. The world needs more people moving against the current, against the wind, being themselves, knowing what is right and what is wrong.
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What’s cold
Run, run, Gingerbread Man
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