imagesMonday. A new week. Wohnungsvorabnahmeprüfungstermin tomorrow, 10am. Ride in an ambulance to Universitätskrankenhaus Eppendorf (UKE) on Wednesday morning. Operation on Thursday. Then fingers crossed that nothing happens over the weekend. Back to the Schön-Klinik some time next week.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to the UKE. I have a bit of a ‘hangover’ from that place and, to be honest, it is the wrong time of the year. Pádraig went there last year, just a few weeks later. All routine stuff, they said. I hope nobody will mention the word ‘routine’ ever again. It sends shivers down my spine.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 14.06.40On the bright side: Dreamboat is being watched all over the world and people are in awe of Pádraig’s friends. And they are right. If anyone ever wondered about ‘the meaning of life’, show them this video. And then give them the CD as a present. And finally, make them join the launch of the Amhrán do Pádraig / Song for Pádraig album on 03 Dec, 8 pm, in Dublin’s Grand Social. It’ll be an amazing and inspiring night!

There are things that we worry about. ‘Important’ stuff that grabs our attention and doesn’t let go. Fashion. Beauty. Headlines. Wars. Money. Jobs. Take your pick. Go down into the supermarket and wonder what on earth people are going to do with all this ‘stuff’. Check out any of the clothing shops and wonder how many trousers or skirts one can wear. So many reduced bargains shouting at you: buy me, buy me, buy me.

None of this matters.

UnknownWhat matters are the people you care about. Those that have the ‘time of their life’ with you. Those you dance with, sing with, laugh with, relax with. Those that will do whatever it takes to help you when you need them most. Those that you will help no matter what ‘important business’ you’re involved in at the moment.

That is the meaning of life.

This afternoon, we heard that one of Pat’s cousins passed away today suddenly and completely unexpected. He had gone to Nepal for kayaking and trekking. We’re not sure exactly what happened but it seems that he fell ill and did not recover from whatever it was that eventually brought him down. He was my age. He was active, adventurous, full of life, witty, and funny. He really enjoyed life with his family and friends. None of us can believe that he won’t be any longer with us. From one moment to the next he is gone. My thoughts are with his wife, children, brothers, sister, and his mother. May he rest in peace. And, we won’t forget him. Ever. He’ll live in our memory and be with us. Forever.