I wish…

Can I tell you or would that wish not work if I did?

imagesMmmhhh – I know. I’ll tell you about one wish I have. If that wish should not be granted because I told you about it, then I’ll just keep my wishes for myself.

I wish to find out about this apartment; and not just to hear about it, but to get good news about it. Initially, we thought we’d hear about it last week, then this week, now it’ll be next week…

I also wished my Irish was better. In case your Irish is a bad as mine (practically non-existent) you’ll have wondered what last night’s blog was all about. I thought, I’d try what the Irish Government did with its website promoting the 1916 Easter Rising celebrations: getting it translated using Google Translate. [In case you don’t trust Google Translate, but still want to find out what the ‘original’ was, I’ve copied the original text to the end of this blog.] I just thought that it was hilarious that they first get a Minister for the Gaeltacht who does not speak Irish (but is, apparently, very keen to learn the language), and then get the website for the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising translated by an online machine translation programme. It’s pure genius.

(In case you didn’t know and were wondering what is going on here, “it is a primary objective of the Department to support the implementation of the 20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language 2010-2030 and, within that context, to promote Irish as the main language of the Gaeltacht.”)

There is a bit of good news (this has got something to do with the wish I didn’t tell you about). Pádraig’s main doctor here told us that they did another EEG and it turns out that especially that part of his brain that was less injured is beginning to show what would be considered to be ‘normal’ activity on the scale they use. Is this a sign of things to come?

If the Irish Government can do it, so can I. You might have heard in tonight’s news that the official Irish Government website for the 1916 commemoration was translated into the first official language of the country by Google translate. It’s incredible. Thank you Google. Thank you Irish Government. You make technology work!

I won’t be writing that much tonight because I’m not sure about how much of what I’m writing will be understood by the fantastic programme that has now replaced human translators, even in the Irish Government offices.

Und warum schreibe ich überhaupt auf Englisch? Und übersetze das dann auch noch ins Irische…

Patrick ist heute offiziell ein Hamburger geworden. Er hat seine leichte Erkältung so weit hinter sich gebracht und wirkt insgesamt sehr viel gesünder.

Bueno, voy a dormir. Será otro día mañana.

This is not Libya or Iraq, it’s main street in Hamburg and the police is obviously getting ready – for what I’ve no idea, but it seems pretty serious!


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