Last night, Pádraig’s oxygen levels apparently went down quite a bit, to a level where they thought that maybe he had had another set of seizures. They added a bit of oxygen to his air for a few hours, not a lot, just to keep him comfortable. In the morning they did an EEG and that turned out ok. No reason to worry here.

They also did blood tests which turned out ok too. He has a bit of a temperature but all still within acceptable limits. I think he might have a bit of a cold. Same as many people around this time of the year when the temperatures change.

It’s so hard though to find out what is going on. It’s not as if there was anyone who wanted not to tell what’s going on, I think they genuinely don’t know. Which makes you think.

Eventually, we met the new Stationsarzt who will look after Pádraig as part of his day-to-day work. He explained what had been happening and that there was nothing to worry about. They just ran tests to make sure there was nothing serious going for which the low oxygen levels could have been a symptom.

It’ll be exactly a year since Pádraig and I arrived here in Hamburg tomorrow. What’s a year? What does it mean? Is this a lot? Is it really no time at all? I don’t know. I thought that I knew what time meant. Today, I’m convinced no-one knows.

I played Rónán Beo@3 for Pádraig this evening. The songs, the poem, the interview with Maitíu. Pádraig was wide awake. I had doubt but he believed… It floated like a dream…


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et a copy of Amhrán do Phádraig / Song for Pádraig here

Intro: G———Em———–G———Em———— (same chords for all the little interludes!)

Vearsa 1
G—- D—– Am——D——
Am—-D—Bm —Em—
Am— Em—Am- Bm- C———

C—- Am—- G —- D—–
Am—- D—–Am——G
Am—– D—– Em—– G/b—

Vearsa 2 (direach mar an gceanna le vearsa 1)
Chorus 2 (direach mar an gceanna le chorus 1)

Choir aaah’s
Am—– Em—- Dm—–Em—-
D—– Em—– D———– x2_
Floated like a dream outro
Am—–F—–Em —-D—-

• (Véarsa 1)

Built a boat yesterday
In one early morning half dream

Tú féin ag cabhrú liom
Craobhacha a bhaint de chrann

Ghreamamar le chéile iad
Le drúcht ó na ribí féir

Is báidín gleoite í
lán de dhóchas ó mo chroí


and it floated like a dream
on those waves just you and me
is it a sign of things to come
lets just sail and have some fun

agus sheol sé le gaoth
ar bhruach na brionglóidí
An dea-thuar é seo tá romham
Ragham ag spraoi ar bharr na dtonn

(Véarsa 2)

and the time it had come
our little boat of dreams

would it sink or would it swim
would it sail down the stream

Is diompar don trá é
Idir uisce agus agus spéir

cá dtabharfadh an sruth í
I had doubt but he believed…