Saturday night, out in Tating. We wanted to stop by to listen to the music in Garding, as we do on Saturday evenings when we can – but the place was closed. The town looked abandoned and deserted. So we went out to the seashore and smelled the sea, felt the wind. It’s funny how far back you can remember smells. The smell of the sea tonight transported me back to times when life was simple.

Pádraig today had two lovely Irish visitors. I am sure he was really happy not just to have us around him, but to hear the voices of his friends around him. They rang another friend in Ireland, who talked to him over the phone. At the end of the phone conversation, Pádraig said ‘slán’, good-bye, not in a very loud way but it sounded so clearly that he took everybody by surprise.

When Pat arrived today on the ward at around 11:30, a nurse told her that she would have to come back when visiting time started. Really. – There was no reason, other than that she could do this…

This coming Monday week will be the Dublin Marathon. Please consider supporting Donal Earls and Ciara Heneghan who will both be running the marathon to raise funds for Pádraig. A friend of ours will also run, as will Cian. So, it’ll be at least five of us leaving at 9am this Monday week. Wish us luck!

For tonight, I’ll have to finish, falling asleep almost as I write. So, good night and sweet dreams!