Can you believe that this is the 1st of August? The first day of autumn? In my mind it’s only yesterday we were sitting outside in images2Beaumont, in the early autumn sun, believing that the next four months would bring about a big change. Looking back, we were right in one, but wrong in another way.

Imagine. Lights going on and off. The door of your room opening and closing and opening again. Muffled but familiar voices in the background. There is the odd word you catch and understand, but it’s hard to grasp fully what is going on. Shadows on the ceiling of your room. You can feel people touching you, moving you around a bit. More shadows, at time, you recognize some of them, they are not here for the first time with you. Does this sound like a scene from a horror movie? This morning, I read about a new computer game of which the reviewer said that it was very different from anything else he had ever seen. The game is one of those where the players take on a specific role, only that this time it’s not that of a gangster driving a fast car, or that of a soldier trying to free one of his comrades taken prisoner by cruel guerillas in the South American jungle – this time the player becomes a baby in its cod.

imagesToday we discovered that mincing the food for Pádraig is not quite sufficient. It also need to be ‘liquidy’. He got a menu for next week with a few options to choose from – unless you require the most minced version, like Pádraig does, and then there is only one dish. To be honest, in his case it’s not so much a matter of ‘which dish’ but more a matter of the food just being very soft and easy to swallow. We’ll try to mix in a bit of hot water tomorrow and see…

Poker Night for Pádraig Schaler!

As many of you might know, our good friend, Padraig Schaler, is in Germany at the moment receiving excellent treatment in Hamburg. He has already taken many steps, but he has many more to take on his long road to recovery. And we are all here to help him on his way, in any way we can!

That said, one great way we can all help is through fundraising! Of course, there are very high costs involved in Padraig’s treatment, along with travel expenses etc. As a result, we are organizing this poker night to help raise money.

We invite all poker players (OF ALL LEVELS) to bring your sunglasses, hoods and whatever else you think is necessary in order to win!

We decided to organize this ‘Poker Night’ as Pádraig is a little bit of a gambler, many a game did he win and (mostly) lose, and I know it won’t be long before he’ll be saying ‘I’M ALL IN’ again : )

This promises to be a fantastic evening as it is seldom that such a collection of top poker players come together under one roof. We thank you in advance for your commitment!

Tournament details:

Pre-tournament training and talk: 7:00pm
Register: 7:30pm
Tournament kick-off: 8:00pm

Buy-in: €30
Rebuy: €15 (one rebuy each)

For Texas Hold Em’ rules:

For tournament prizes:
1st Place = €180 + (€40 Hailo credits)
2nd Place = €90 + (€40 Hailo credits)
3rd Place = €60 + (€40 Hailo credits)

Worst beat = €20 in Hailo taxi credits
Worst player of the tournament (biggest donk) = €20 in Hailo taxi credits
First person out = €20 in Hailo taxi credits
Luckiest player = €20 in Hailo taxi credits

The ‘Wishing Well’ on Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock has kindly agreed to host this event, and some snack finger food.

Further information on Pádraig’s accident can be found here:

Reinhard, Schaler’s dad writes daily updates here:

Start practicing 😉 Pádraig abú! As an aside, if anybody uses Hailo, enter the code schaler2014 (first time users only) to get €10 off a taxi with Hailo. Tournament sponsored in part by Hailo Ireland & The Wishing Well.