Never met you, Marcus. But today, I heard your poem, your song with words, twice. Read out loud to me. I don’t understand the words of your poetry. But I feel them. Tonight. Still. They went straight to my heart.


Than, later, a good friend sent a translation for me (and for Pádraig’s non-Irish speaking friends). Here it goes.


I have never met you
But for 9 months (ráithe= 3 months =quarter, trí ráithe=9 months I think!) now
The long silence that is coming from you
Is being filled by people who don’t stop talking about you

Kíla- playing music for you
As you were laid down in Beaumont Hospital
A chirp(?) or two from the toilet of a train (I can’t remember what exactly the story was with Aodhán except that is was very funny!)
From a friend without a ticket who is on his way to see you

Tonncheol (not sure what this means, something to do with music, maybe melody) and harmony (literally “together-music”) from the men’s choir
Singing a healing health to you from the Workman’s
Daily letters from your father’s limbo
Sieving the words, wanting to feel (understand) it all

Seosamh from the club just back from Hamburg
After seeing you
Describing it with his mouth (words)
But his eyes looking (seeking) for a different story

And the 50 brave Spartans
Who traveled in a line from coast to coast
And who swam deep into the spring sea
And your name was on everyone’s lips – your name

I went out to the finishing point of your swim
And I let a yell (shout) out of me as did everyone there
And I let out that shout again on paper for you,
That you, Pádraig, will return home safe and well.

Marcus Mac Chongail  (@ceolbaile)

Nothing to add to this.

Today, Pádraig was as alert as yesterday. Not moving that much, maybe. But so alert. Another day of beautiful, live and life transforming music in what often is the most dire or rooms. He listened, and, I am sure, he sang with you accompanying the most beautiful of voices, singing the most beautiful songs. What an experience, a mixture of the most powerful emotions you can imagine, some real beauty filled the room. Safe home to two friends, save travels to India to another.

Today’s German Music Tip
Juliane Werding, Wenn Du denkst Du denkst dann denkst Du nur Du denkst (ca. 1975), This is what women power looked like in 1975 in Germany – in Dieter Thomas Heck’s Hitparade. Gruselig…

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What’s cold
Dieter Thomas Heck’s Hitparade

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