do-it-tomorrowSomeone once said that there is no word in Irish, or Hiberno English for that matter, that would even come close to the sense of urgency expressed by the Spanish word and concept of ‘mañana’.

It’s true. Look at it: the Taoiseach of our country asks his Minister of Health to get in touch “without delay” with us, on 10 March. 16 days later, on 26 March, nothing has happened. It’s like as if the Department of Health operated in a very different time zone.

GerryToday, at Leaders’ Question Time, Gerry Adams raises with the Taoiseach Pádraig’s case, the insurance mess and the lack of neuro-rehabilitation services available to patients such as Pádraig, and the Taoiseach “will bring the matter to the attention of the minister”. It seems to me that the Minister is not listening. – If you want to listen back to Gerry Adams’ question and the Taoiseach’s answer, click here. (I hope to have the video available soon.)

Mapa Nua3sRonanToday, Snámh Phádraig was introduced to listeners of RTÉ Raidio na Gaeltachta on the popular afternoon show Rónán Beo@3 by Aodhán Ó Deá who is organizing this mad, crazy swim off the coast of every Irish county that’s got one. Over just two days in April. Click here for more information on the swim (or if you would like to join). Click here to listen back to Aodhán and Rónán.

We’ll keep up the pressure on the insurance, and will be doing something on what I consider to be misleading advertising: I don’t believe for a minute that they have ever even considered paying out anything even near the €6.5 million they use to advertise and sell their policies.

stepI kept the best for last: Today, Pádraig did what he had done a few times over the past days – he moved his foot up keeping the heel on the ground (on the foot support of the viva-la-Thekla), with one tiny but very very important difference: he lifted it up when we asked him to do so, and he put it back down, when we asked him to do so, and not just once or twice, but several times. And not just when Pat asked him in English, but also when I asked him in German. And he would have done it as Gaeilge too, I am sure.  It would have been a small step for us, but it’s of a giant leap for him.

Today’s German Music Tip
Klaus und Klaus, An der Nordseeküste (1985). They reached number 21 in the German Top 50 in 1985: An der Nordseeküste sind die Fische im Wasser und selten am Strand. Well,… trust me: this is not a Musterbeispiel for German Kulturgut.

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Urgency in the Department of Health’s Timezone
The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Mensch, ich hau’ Dir den Kopp zwischen die Ohren wek! (Dortmunder shouting, in a nice way, at a tram driver who didn’t let him board, instead pulling out of the station.)

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