logo_presseI’ll keep it short tonight.

And I won’t say anything about German music.

Because there is nothing, nothing like the line up of bands and musicians playing for Pádraig over the coming two weeks (in addition to the most exciting and unusual of table quizzes.) Check all of this out here.

Please spread the word about these events and join them, if you can, with your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and colleagues.

Over the past week or two, there has also been quite a bit of press coverage, which you can check out here.

The latest news from the man himself is good, and a bit different. His Oberärztin came in for a visit today to see him. She agreed that he had held up quite well since he arrived back at the Schön-Klinik. So, she said, we shouldn’t be surprised if we should find him in a different room next week, closer to the exit door – literally. It wouldn’t be very different, more a symbolic thing than anything else. But symbolic, nonetheless. And then, she said, if all goes well, they’d move him to ‘proper’ rehab. Which is why we came here. Fingers crossed.

So, join the events over the coming weeks, tell all your friends about them, and keep the good spirit going. It’ll make all the difference.

Twitter: @forPadraig
Upcoming events: http://www.caringforPadraig.org/events